Microfiber Upholstery Fabric

Microfiber fabrics continue to be a popular choice for upholstery. Choosing your next upholstery fabric may be a daunting task, but narrowing down your choices to meet your criteria may help. Microfiber fabrics may be the option that is most suitable for your furniture.

Palazzo's microfiber fabrics combine durability, comfort and style. Upholstery can be expensive, so why settle for a material that will not last? Microfiber fabrics offer durability that is unrivaled. Our microfiber fabrics are made from one of the most resilient fibers in the world, and are made in America! The upholstery industry defines durability by the amount of double rubs a material can withstand. The standard for heavy duty is a fabric that can withstand over 15,000 double rubs. The good news about microfibers is their double rub count exceeds 100,000!

Are you concerned about removing pesky stains off your fabric? Microfiber offers stain resistance inherently without the need for after market stain protectors. This material is easy to clean with any water based cleaner!

Stain resistance and durability is just the beginning. We have a large selection of styles and colors to choose from. Request a free sample today in order to see what makes this material truly unique!

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